Stop wasting money says Borders Party

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Scottish Borders Council should stop wasting money on vanity projects and focus on value for money, according to the Borders Party.

In a statement welcoming the decision to postpone next year’s Household Survey, Nicholas Watson, the Borders Party leader, has called on the council to cull other pointless programmes.

The Household Survey, run annually for the council by private consultants, has been strongly criticised by the Borders Party as unnecessary. Under pressure from the Party, Scottish Borders Council recently decided to postpone arranging a further survey until after the local elections in May.

“The Household Survey doesn’t tell us anything we don’t know already,” said Councillor Watson.

“Any elected representative worth his salt should know what people think, that’s our job. We don’t need to hire expensive consultants to tell us that.

“But the council should go further.

“It is forever producing glossy brochures and newsletters that are of minimal value.

“Take SBC Connect, the council newssheet which is delivered to every house in the Borders at a cost of over £35,000 a year and is nothing more than a preening exercise.

“The official response is that an equivalent publication produced as an insert in local newspapers would cost much more. This is true, but completely misses the point.

“SBC’s business is providing services, not glossy literature telling people how well we’re doing. If there are stories worth telling the press will cover them anyway.

“We live in times when jobs are being lost and household budgets are under huge pressure, the salaries of hard-working council employees are frozen and inflation is high.

“It is insulting to those who have to pay council tax that their money is taken away and spent on this nonsense.”