Stepping into the adult world

Berwickshire High School
Berwickshire High School

Berwickshire Housing Association has held a successful programme of events in partnership with Berwickshire High School, allowing pupils to learn about their next steps and adult responsibilities.

The Next Steps Transition Course was designed to show young adults what it can be like to have their own home and took them through some of the day to day responsibility that comes with running a home.

This can include money management, how to think about furnishing their home, where they can go to for help and support as well as some extra advice that BHA feel may benefit young adults as they move into adult life.

All of those involved in the course found it a very rewarding and fulfilling exercise. The course also gave pupils the chance to get involved and secure relevant information about different career paths.

The programme used mentors who bring with them a wealth of experience making sure the pupils who join the course find it an enjoyable but also a rewarding experience. Many make new friends by working with others they would not normally be with.

Previously many pupils have stayed in touch with their mentors since attending the course with some even gaining employment with them. Berwickshire High School would like to thank the staff at Berwickshire Housing Association for giving up their time to provide up to date and relevant information in a relaxed and caring environment.