St Abbs’ young fundraiser

Leah and grandad Jimmy after their successful fundraising cycle ride.
Leah and grandad Jimmy after their successful fundraising cycle ride.

The need to keep raising money for St Abbs independent lifeboat is something even six year olds grasp.

On Sunday, Leah (aged 6) set off with her grandad Jimmy McLauchlan on a 10k kilometre cycle ride and by successfully completing the route she raised an extraordinary £850 for the village’s independent lifeboat.

“A huge thanks to Leah,” said a spokesperson for the lifeboat’s fundraising committee.

“That’s a tall order for anyone with some of the hills we have round here, but when you’re only six it’s a very long way.

“Well done on raising the fantastic sum of £850 for the lifeboat Leah, we hope you didn’t go too fast and took it easy on Grandad Jimmy!”

Leah and Jimmy’s route saw them finish the 10k cycle ride at St Abbs harbour and there was a large crowd gathered there to welcome them back safely, including members of the lifeboat crew who gave Leah a St Abbs Lifeboat teddy and a big box of sweets as a thank you to go with the T-shirt she wore on her bike ride.

The work of the lifeboat crew, and the tireless determination shown by the local community to keep its lifeboat is obviously rubbing off on the younger generation which bodes well for its future.

The lifeboat also has the support of people across the UK and a couple of weeks ago the committee received a £1000 donation from the Ilkeston & Kimberley Sub Aqua Club who had organised a fund raiser for the St Abbs lifeboat earlier this year .