St Abbs needs organiser for beach clean

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Berwickshire and East Lothian residents are being urged to volunteer and take up the beach cleaning challenge along our beautiful coastline.

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is looking for people to join beach cleans at Burnmouth and hopefully St Abbs during the Great British Beach Clean weekend between September 19-22.

The Burnmouth event will be held between 10am and 12.30pm on Saturday, September 20 and anyone interested in taking part should meet at the harbour.

The St Abbs event has yet to be confirmed with MCS still on the lookout for someone to organise it.

“If they are unable to find an organiser by September 12, they may have to cancel this event and refer volunteers to an alternative beach clean.

Tom Bell, MCS campaigns manager, says the event hopes to return many of Britain’s beaches to their halcyon days of the 50’s and 60’s, before we became a throw away society resulting in thousands of pieces of litter, including vast amounts of plastic, along every kilometre of coastline.

“Our domestic habits over the last 50 years or so have resulted in dirty beaches. We throw more stuff away than ever.

“Plastic in the marine environment may take hundreds of years to break down and it washes up or is blown onto beaches in bits from micro pieces to larger chunks.

“We flush stuff down the loo we shouldn’t, and that ends up in our water ways and then our beaches.

“We want to see people turning out to clean up their favourite or local beach during our Great British Beach Clean weekend – please don’t turn your back on our beaches.”

For further information call 01989 567807.