Squirrel hides 6lbs of nuts... then bolts


A DUNS mechanic thought he was going nuts last week when checking a customer’s car for poor performance.

Having carried out some basic tests, Stuart Gillies from J Aitchison (Duns) Ltd took a look under the bonnet - and couldn’t believe his eyes. Hundreds of peanuts were crammed into the vehicle’s air filter housing and intake pipe.

Stuart commented: “I’ve never seen anything like this before so it was a bit of a surprise!

“I’d done all the usual checks, plugged it into the computer and everything and nothing came up, so I went under the bonnet and had a dig around.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes! An engine needs both air and fuel to run and I discovered that this car was getting plenty of fuel but not enough air due to a large number of peanuts blocking the air intake system.

“It seems that a local squirrel had been pinching nuts that were meant for the vehicle owner’s bird table, and storing them in the car’s air intake for what has turned out to be not so safe keeping!”

Owner Andrew Nairn had taken his Kia car to Aitchison’s garage, fearing that it needed major work.

“It was last week one day, I took the car out and it wasn’t going well, especially going up hills,” he told The Berwickshire News.

“When I took it in I thought it might be something quite serious. I couldn’t believe it when I went to pick it up and they gave me a bag of peanuts!

“I store bags of nuts in the garage for the birds, there’s usually some in there. There was a grey squirrel around about three months ago but I can’t understand how it could get into the garage, I never saw any sign of it.”