Sponsor a hedgehog for Xmas this year

The injured water rail.
The injured water rail.

It certainly is not getting any less busy at the Rollo Centre. 2016 has been the year of the wood pigeon.

Over the last couple of months it seems every other casualty has been a woody. They are slow flying birds and seem to pick a lot of arguments with cats. Most have been youngsters who needed hand feeding. A least with all the pigeon family this is only twice a day, but still time consuming. The good thing is they have a massive mouth and you can just shovel the grain in. Once the crop is full and they have a chest like Dolly Parton they are happy to go back to the cage.

When they get stressed they throw off feathers, a defence mechanism I suppose, but when they are in the recovery room we are constantly trying to sweep up feathers. We have only got three left in now, out of at least 15, and they just have to wait until their flight feathers grow back in after being lost to the cats.

Alan from Ayton brought us in a very unusual bird. It was a water rail neither me or Kay had seen one in the flesh before. It had a nasty wound to its head and was taken to the vet for suturing. Sadly the poor bird died under the anaesthetic, not the outcome we hoped for.

Hedgehogs are still arriving very underweight. We have 20 in at the moment so we will start our sponsorship scheme again this year. It will cost £30 and for this cost you can name your hog, receive a card telling his story with a photograph. There will also be an update on your hogs progress in February. Last year quite a few hogs were sponsored as Christmas presents.