Solar electric systems lined up for BHA households

UP to 800 BHA tenants are set to have a solar electric (photo voltaic) system installed in their home.

Helen Forsyth, BHA’s Chief Executive commented: “Electricity prices only seem to go one way, and that’s up. Many of our tenants face increasing fuel costs at a time when everyone is trying to tighten their belts. Over the years we have invested and continue to invest in improving the energy efficiency of our houses and we wanted to look at solar electricity, to see how this might help reduce tenants’ fuel bills”

BHA is now working in partnership with Edison Energy in an initiative that will see hundreds of PV systems installed without cost to BHA or their tenants. The systems will be owned by an investor who receives a guaranteed payment from the UK Government for each unit of electricity produced. Tenants will receive the electricity for free considerably reducing household electricity costs.

“We commissioned independent consultants to assess what the savings to our tenants would be” explained Helen.

“Surprisingly even the smallest systems showed savings in excess of £100 a year, with the larger systems delivering savings of over £200 a year. Year on year, solar electric systems could save our tenants thousands of pounds.”

For the programme to start BHA needs a minimum 500 returned consents and any tenant who returns their consent form could win £500 worth of vouchers.