SNP slammed over excessive physio delays

Rachael Hamilton MSP.
Rachael Hamilton MSP.

338 out of 1,306 Borders patients waited more than 16 weeks for a physio or occupational therapy appointment at NHS Borders.

This represents 26 per cent of all patients requiring these services, a percentage significantly higher than the Scotland-wide average of 11 per cent who are waiting longer than 16 weeks for services.

The Scottish Government has determined that at least 90 per cent of patients should wait no longer than four weeks from receipt of referral. Only 57.3 per cent of musculoskeletal patients at NHS Borders are seen within that four week target.

Musculoskeletal problems include a diversity of complaints and diseases localised in joints and bones.

Commenting on the figures, Borders MSP Rachael Hamilton said: “These figures once again demonstrate that the SNP set targets and continue to miss them.

“Patients waiting longer than 16 weeks are at risk of their condition worsening and that puts more strain on our NHS.

“Many of these people will be in significant pain, and are being let down badly. These stats don’t include those whose pain is so great they are instead forced to pay for private treatment.

“It’s a complete failure that thousands of patients are waiting for appointments.”