Smile for the camera or smile for the birdie?

SBBN-08-10-15 Foulden speed camera
SBBN-08-10-15 Foulden speed camera

Motorists passing through the village of Foulden have had their attention drawn to what looks like a speed camera looking over a wall - or is it?

There have been various theories on what the mysterious object is.

Some people have debated on Facebook whether it is a real speed camera, a fake set up by a concerned member of the public, or something else entirely, like a bird box.

Shona Scott wrote on the Berwickshire News Facebook page: “I noticed this the other day and assumed that it was a speed camera (fake, I guess?!) put up by a resident annoyed with the speeds some folk insist on driving through Foulden at.

“It’s that wee tho, you really need to be looking to see it, so not sure it’s a great way to stop speeding, so it’s maybe a security camera.”

Other commenters were reminded of a similiar contraption -and even a cardboard cut-out of a policeman - placed by the roadside in Wark a few years ago in an attempt to reduce motorists’ speeds.