Slimmers take on a massive challenge

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A group of ladies from Borders Weight Watchers groups are feeling very proud of themselves this week after completing an ambitious challenge.

The group, led by class leader Rebecca Mills from Longformacus, headed to Kelso at the weekend to take part in the Come and Try Triathlon.

The seven strong group made up of members from Rebecca’s classes in Berwickshire and the central Borders completed a 400 metre (16 length) swim at Kelso swimming pool; a 12km cycle round Ednam and Stichhill and a 2.9km run along the Kelso golf course route before crossing the finishing line back at the swimming pool.

Before starting Rebecca and her Weight Watchers members, including Claire Thomson and Karen Lerpiniere from Duns, all said they weren’t concerned about their finishing times, they just wanted to complete the challenge but they all surprised themselves with how quickly they finished.

With some girls stronger than others in different parts of the triathlon, the group’s times ranged from just under an hour to two but Rebecca said the thing that was the same for everyone was the massive sense of achievement at the finish.

“For me, that was the best aspect of the whole day,” she commented.

“If you’d have asked any of us six months ago to do something like this we’d have said you were mad so for everyone to have completed it was amazing.

“We all started and finished at different times but it was great to see everyone waiting for others to finish and cheering them across the line.

“I think it’s really inspired everyone to keep up the exercise and I’ve already had a message from one of the girls saying that she wants to try the Come and Try a Triathlon in Eyemouth next month - I think it’s already fully booked though.

“Moving more is a big part of people losing weight.

“I’m not saying that everyone who wants to lose weight should do a triathlon but I’m hoping that us completing the Kelso event will inspire others to give things a go that they wouldn’t normally consider.

“We got such a sense of achievement from doing it.”