Skills boost needed for centre

Eyemouth Community Centre
Eyemouth Community Centre

Eyemouth Community Centre is in need of a boost, and its committee is looking at ways of improving facilities and what is on offer there.

Community centre committee representatives attended the last Eyemouth Community Council meeting to explain their plans for the continued use of the centre, now managed by Live Borders.

They spoke about the centre’s limitations at the centre, such as lack of facilities in certain rooms for deaf or lip-reading groups and access problems to computer suite and large storage areas when hall two is being used.

Feedback by current users is being sought to see how the centre could be improved, but the committee has already acknowledged the need to get new people on board to broaden its skills set, particularly in the areas of social media, IT and accessing grant funding.

One suggestion was to contact Eyemouth High School as the students there have excellent computer skills and their time spent on community projects can be accredited to various awards schemes such as Saltire Awards and Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Eyemouth Community Centre’s committee is considering carrying out a poll in order to get feedback.

It is also working on raising its profile with the intention of creating greater awareness of the Albert Road venue among current and potential user groups.