Six-figure subsidy recipients revealed, by postcode area ...

According to Defra, payments of more than £100,000 were made over the year to the following Borders farms and businesses, listed here by postcode area:

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 2:57 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 3:57 pm

TD1 (Galashiels):

LG Litchfield, Bowland, £404,513; William Montgomery, £182,013; T and J Elliot, £164,441; T Elliot (Bedshiel), £166,590; J Runciman and Sons, £108,030; J G Runciman, £100,102; J and E Logan, £118,786; Mrs C M Reid, £171,477; R A Miller and Son, £100,248; RC Woodburn, £134,538; T D Renwick, £102,693; Talla Partnership £315,732; Torwoodlee and Buckholm Estates, £104,267.

Total paid to all businesses in TD1 in 2015 was £3.628m, and in 2014 it was £3.51m.

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TD2 (Lauder):

William Barr and Co, £128,481; Firm of Sutherland, £215,304; WH Sharp and Son, £146,312; Huntington Partnership, £113,079; F Damerell and Son, £116,799; Stephen Anderson and Co, £116,772.

Total for 2015 was £2.2m, down from £2.26m.

TD3 (Gordon):

J and TF Macfarlane, £582,476; G Mcdougal (Bassendean), £323,977; J and J Campbell, £111,111; RH Tait and Co, £105,981; RW Morris and Co, £154,046.

Total for 2015 was £1.988m, down from £2.141m.

TD4 (Earlston):

Fans Farming £214,476; Hamish Morison Farming, £148,823; JW Fullerton, £235,294; R and J Scott Aiton, £143,297.

Total was £1.157m, down from £1.288m.

TD5 (Kelso):

G and M Symons, £106,443; C M Goodson and Son, £142,184; firm of RP Shanks, £104,734; Floors Farming, £296,482; Jand T Clark, £105,780; J Brunton and Son, £101,375; KSH Farmers, £103,336; Kames Partnership, £107,804; Lochtower, £197,436; D and DWD Thomson, £170,612; Messrs J Jeffrey, £193,604; Messrs J Neil and Son, £141,463; Messrs Robsons, £109,473; Messrs TDC Thomson, £143,016; Messrs TH Brewis, £126,575; Messrs Thomas M Stewart, £103,594; Messrs WM Fleming, £202,599; Ninewells Farms, £126,865; Oxnam Estates, £115,101; TD Clark, £102,629; Playfair Farms, £167,801; RH and CL Dixon, £102,768; RH Bell and Co, £107,398; TW and T B Edgar, £290,977; the Oliver family, £165,397.

Total was £9.45m, down from £10.305m.

TD6 (Melrose and St Boswells):

Mertoun Estates, £176,053; Maxwell (Faughill), £145,436; Riddell Farms, £204,257; Malcolm Stewart, £109,318; George Marshall, £108,451; Scottish Borders Council £529,658.

Total was £2.922m, down from £2.61m.

TD7 (Selkirk):

BQ Farming Partnership, £325,210; Langholm Farms, £380,679; WN Douglas, £206,903; Eckford Farming, £247,520; Sir FM Strang Steel, £136,760; T Renwick and Son, £132,071; Macdonald Partners, £103,078; Swinside Farming, £117,212; Mitinley Farms, £108,844; Buccleuch Woodlands, £153,560; GL White, £130,409; John Hume and Son, £180,297; WJ Coltherd, £107,008; S McClymont and Son, £113,883; TC Aynsley and Son, £100,527; W and M Rutter, £1165,090.

Total was £4.909m, down from £4.66m.

TD8 (Jedburgh):

G Barbour and Son, £223,380; Nisbet Mill Farm, £194,119; Robert Neill and Partners, £172,864; A and A Scott, £173,035; Fenwick Jackson, £113,419; R Tile, £158,818; D and I Richardson, £110,607; JG Scott, £114,408; Mrs JC Hands, £146,915.

Total was £4.27m, down from £4.62m.

TD9 (Hawick):

A and B Scott, £104,310; David Reddihough, £104,602; GW and M Richardson and Son, £189,631; H and M Farms, £217,928; JEM Vestey, £102,841; J Hepburn and Co, £105,104; WW Dunlop and Son, £112,781; Mrs WV Feakins, £106,137; RH Brunton and Co, £157,323; RJ and TJ and M T Feakins, £1,270,281; Rock UK Adventure Centres, Newcastleton, £221266; Ruletownhead Farms, £116,087; SH and P M Shirley-Bevan, £150,958; T W and E Tennant, £137,894; WC Anderson and Son £133,577; WR Girvan and Son, £186,667; WS Davies and Son, £135,482.

Total was £8.389m, down from £7.937m.

TD10 (Duns):

Charterhall Farm, £115,694; JC and KC Constable, £186,670; John Mitchell and Co, £145,551; Marchmont Farms, £187,564; RM and JF Seed, £140,587; the firm of James Orr, £190,480.

Total was £1.871m, down from £1.887m.

TD11 (also Duns):

A and G Rodger, £140,438; AM and A Calder Farms, £177,620; Ellemford Farms 2000, £144,838; GWB Fullerton and Son, £152,833; GW Thomson and Sons, £123,549; Greenshields Agri, £269,463; Harehead Farms, £197,028; JJ and HDJ Dobie, £129,311; LL McVie and Co, £101,738; Macfarlane Farms, £294,049; Nether Mains Farm, £102,072; R and J McDonald, £276,383; RP Cowe and Co, £154,081; Robert Forrest, £126,429; Robert Lamont, £141,397; S White and Co, £137,602; WB Prentice and Sons, £113,030.

Total was £8.017m, down from £8.29m.

TD12 (Coldstream):

Greenknowe Estates, £213,283; Ladykirk Estates, £193,683; JA Laing, £126,584; W Potts, £111,114; R Neill and Sons, £126,032; S and D Blaylock, £115,949.

Total paid was £5.152m, down from £5.676m.

TD13 (Cockburnspath):

JPH Wight, £106,943.

Total was £1.355m, down from £1.599m.

TD14 (Eyemouth):

J Fullarton and Son, £120,691. Total was £1.583m, down from 2014’s £1.832m.

EH45 (Peebles):

JP Campbell and Sons, £348,194; Glenrath Farms £176,959; Haystoun, £135,196; J B Currie, £112,429.

Total was £2.278m, down from £2.34m.

TD15 (Berwick):

A and J and C Colgan, £130,512; BL Farms, £100,355;Cayley Walton Partnership, £147,109; Conundrum Partnership, £110,115; GH Millar (West Foulden), £114,296; Home Robertson Partnership, £135,524; JM Jackson and Sons, £188,988; William Jackson, £155,517; JE Armstrong and Sons, £154,579; JE Smith, £118,562; Joicey Partnership, £274,131; Maclean and Co, £136,900; Penmar Farming, £410,918; R Cadzow, £143,099; RC and IW Whitten and Sons, £100,879; RC Reed, £131,597; Sunwick Farm, £177,509; President Estate Partnership, £278,148; Todd Farms, £175,579; WL Douglas and Son, £247,667.

Total was £7.527m, down from £8.361m.