Sites for 800 houses identified

Reston was identified for housing.
Reston was identified for housing.

Scottish Borders Council has approved a list of 19 new sites capable of accommodating over 800 houses.

The requirement to zone more land for housing in the region was ordered by Scottish Government reporters last year after reviewing the council’s local development plan (LDP).

The extra sites, endorsed by the council last week, will now be added to that land supply blueprint which already has provision for around 9,000 new homes.

Almost 600 of the proposed houses are concentrated in 13 sites in the Central Borders Housing Market Area (HMA).

The largest single site, earmarked for 300 homes, is on 40 hectares of land owned by Lowood Estates, between the railway station at Tweedbank and the River Tweed.

The full list of approved additional housing sites is as follows: Berwickshire HMA – north of High Street, Ayton (six); Hillview North, Coldstream (100); and Reston (38).

Central Borders – Lintburn Street, Galashiels (eight); Rose Court, Galashiels (12), High Street, Galashiels (30); Leishman Place, Hawick (five); Henderson Road, Hawick (six); Fairhurst Drive, Hawick (10); Tweed Court, Kelso (15); Nethershot, Kelso (100); former high school, Kelso (50); The Orchard, Newstead (six); Angles Field, Bannerfield, Selkirk (30); Heather Mills, Selkirk (75); and Lowood, Tweedbank (300).

Northern HMA – Innerleithen (35); Rosetta Road, Peebles (75); and Peebles (70).