Single release rounds off great year for Tasha

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IT’S been quite a year for Ayton’s Tasha Blackmore. She has performed live on radio and at a number of concerts in the Borders and north Northumberland and featured on recently-released charity CD ‘Bridge & Bauble’.

Now she is topping it off with the release of a new single.

Tasha’s profile has risen significantly in the past 12 months thanks to a combination of her own hard work and the acclaim she’s received from other local acts and music fans.

What had already been a brilliant year for her has been given a further boost with the release of ‘Permanent Memory’.

Tasha wrote the track a few months ago and said it was her gut instinct along with feedback from people who heard it that prompted its selection as her latest single.

“There’s something very different about the song,” she told us. “It’s got a very strong hook and when I played it to my family and other people who’d helped me out this year it seemed to strike a chord.

“One of the people I played it to was Iain Petrie, who’s been a massive support to me this year. It’s Iain who got me on the line-up for a lot of events and let me use his studio to record ‘Permanent Memory’.”

Tasha still found it surreal when people came up to her on nights out to tell her they enjoyed her music, but she may have to get used to having even more fans if one of her plans for 2013 goes ahead.

She is planning on spending a month or so in America. With her music firmly in the country genre, Tasha sometimes feels like she’s been born in the wrong country.

“The country scene in the UK 
is getting bigger, but it’s nothing compared to over there,” she continued.

“I’ve been in touch with Creative Scotland about my trip and I’m hoping to get some funding as I’d love to do a documentary about my experiences.

“My initial plan was to go to Nashville as that is the mecca for country artists, but there are lots of musicians there all doing the same thing so I’m considering Los Angeles as well.

“My main aim for 2013 is to get my music heard by the right people.”

‘Permanent Memory’ is available as a download on iTunes and Tasha Blackmore is also selling signed copies on ebay.