Sign up to pledge2listen, not judge, children in care

Borders -Andrew Lowe and Roger Barrow
Borders -Andrew Lowe and Roger Barrow

The 194 children in the Scottish Borders need help and understanding to cope with their situation not prejudice and bullying because of it.

And that is why Scottish Borders Council’s director of social work, Andrew Lowe, has signed up to the pledge2listen campaign, and is urging others in the region to follow suit.

The national campaign aims to give a stronger voice to children and young people in care and leaving care by tackling discrimination head on. ‘It’s time to listen’ is asking communities across Scotland to pledge to listen to a looked after child’s side of their story – and to back the campaign to help stand up to ignorance about why children end up in care.

Mr Lowe, said: “Children in and from care need to be understood better across every community in Scotland. That is why this campaign matters – as we need these children to be included and supported to be all they can be, in the way we would want for our own children. With the support of as many people in the Scottish Borders as possible, we believe this campaign will help end the discrimination of children in and from care, for good. It really is time that we stamped the stigma they face in their day-to-day lives, out’.

To pledge to listen to children in care visit the website: