Shona Mooney Trio keep the border sounds alive

Longformacus Hall is set to resound to the border-ballad inspired folk music of the Shona Mooney Trio.

Shona, originally from Hawick, has immersed herslef in the border music tradition, and has risen to be one of the foremost Scottish fiddlers.

SBBN Shona Mooney

SBBN Shona Mooney

While she has been pushing at the boundaries of that tradition in her recent work, incorporating more electronic sounds, her upcoming gigs are very much in the old fashioned vein.

Describing her ever-shifting touring lineup, she said: “There will be myself, Andy Watts on guitar, maybe a little bit of mandolin.

“And with us is Amy Thatcher, who plays accordion and also does clogdancing.

“I’ve never played in Longformacus before, so I’m really looking forward to it. “

She went on: “Recently I’ve been playing with six other musicians and one of the girls plays the electric harp, which meant using a PA.

“So it will be really nice to be able to get back to being purely acoustic and play some great traditional music in these lovely old village halls.”

Aside from touring, Shona has also been studying hard, delving into the folklore of folk music at Newcastle University.

And last she graduated for the second time, with a Masters in Music focussing in the forms of 18th century ballads.

The Shona Mooney Trio play Longformacus Hall on Saturday September 13, 7pm for 7.30 start. Entry is £8.

Further details of her tour are available at

To listen to Shona perform the traditional song Hollin’ Green Hollin’, as part of her Masters recitation, visit our website.