Shellfish firm in calm water

Berwick Shellfish has gone through a rebranding process following a period of recent turmoil and is now looking to expand its online presence.

Wednesday, 19th December 2018, 5:28 pm
Emma and Graham Flannigan of Berwick Shellfish Co.
Emma and Graham Flannigan of Berwick Shellfish Co.

Spawned by George and Phyllis Flannigan in 1969, the company has gone through sizeable changes over almost 50 years of trading.

Owner Graham Flannigan said: “We’ve seen good times, great times and had our share of misfortune too, just like everybody else.

“We are looking to the future by expanding our online presence and adding new products such as wines and seafood hampers to our retail outlet attached to our premises on Dock Road. We also hope to create sustainable jobs.”

Graham and daughter and business partner Emma are proud to keep people in the town employed.

Emma said: “I’m optimistic about the future and I love our new branding and website which goes live this week.”

Both are unsure about the future of the business post-Brexit but hope that the relationships and reputation for exceptional service and above all quality, fresh seafood mean they will still be able to work with countries overseas.

“We’re really fortunate in Berwick to have such a wealth of seafood on our doorstep and I’m looking forward to spreading the word about our town,” said Graham. “We’re working with England’s seafood coast as well.”

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