Shadowcat Films launches Border Collie documentary

The Border Collie film will be shot in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders
The Border Collie film will be shot in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders
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The unique relationship between shepherds and their sheep dogs is to be explored in a documentary which goes into production this spring.

Wooler-based media production company Shadowcat Films has teamed up with talented photographer and cameraman Jas to make the film, which will be shot in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

The documentary will explore the heritage of the Border Collie, and will feature modern day shepherds working with dogs, alongside memories from retired shepherds.

“We want to capture the unique working relationship which shepherds have with their dogs and the close bond they share,” director Alysoun Sharpe explained. “We will be looking at past times but also bringing the film up to date by following modern day shepherds.

“As there are so many fascinating stories about Border Collies in this beautiful area we will also expand on this by featuring stories such as Sheila the Sheepdog, the use of Border Collies in search and rescue, historical use of the dogs in droving and the story of Adam Telfer and Old Hemp.”

She added: “At Shadowcat Films we are passionate about promoting Northumberland and the Scottish Borders through film, and we’re incredibly excited to be able to take this project forward.

“Border Collies have a national and international following and so it should really help to put Northumberland and the Scottish Borders on the map.”

Partial funding has been granted by the Northumberland National Park towards the production costs of the film, and Shadowcat Films is hoping to raise some of the post-production budget in the summer through crowd funding, which will give people an opportunity to secure a copy of the film and also support the project.

The film is due out in December and will be screened in various locations throughout Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, as well as being made available on DVD.

Shadowcat Films would love to hear from anyone in Northumberland or the Scottish Borders who is currently working with Border Collies or who has done so in the past. If you’re interested in getting involved contact Alysoun on 01668 283 465 or email by May 10.