Sewage floods causing a stink at Dunbar

Hallhill, Dunbar
Hallhill, Dunbar
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Sewer flooding at sports pitches in Dunbar have been brought to the attention of Scotland’s Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

In a letter to community councillor Jacquie Bell, she said Scottish Water was not able to commit to resolving the problem until its investment programme for 2015-21 had been agreed.

Mrs Bell has raised concerns about raw sewage “flowing” on the pitches at Hallhill in periods of heavy rain.

The water industry in Scotland is part of Ms Sturgeon’s ministerial portfolio.

Ms Sturgeon said that, for the investment period 2010-15, it was agreed that Scottish Water would focus on resolving issues of internal sewer flooding where sewage enters households or business properties.

She added: “It is recognised that sewer floodings are unslightly and have implications for public health. For this reason, Scottish Water provides a clean-up service. I would recommend that this service is used whenever sewage is evident,” she explained.

Ms Sturgeon said preparations were under way for the next investment period 2015-21 and ministers would confirm priorities in early summer. External sewer flooding has been noted as a high customer priority.

She said: “Once the investment priorities have been confirmed, Scottish Water will be able, using the register that it has created using its knowledge of incidences of external flooding to date, to develop a programme which will prioritise investment to deal with these types of flooding problems.

“I hope you will appreciate that until the programme is agreed, Scottish Water is not able to commit to resolving the problems of sewage flooding at Hallhill.

“It is important that residents report each flooding incident to Scottish Water’s customer helpline on 0845 601 8855.”