Seeking a new challenge for 2012?


How about going one step further for Marie Curie Cancer Care and joining their new 10K Borders Daffodil Walk?

Following the creation of the Borders Field of Hope for Marie Curie Cancer Care 18 years ago, the charity has decided to bring a new dimension to it’s ever popular Borders Daffodil Walk.

The walk will be held on April 1 and as well as the traditional ever popular two mile walk along the Field of Hope and back to the Borders General Hospital, this year there will he a new walk added with a new challenge for 2012.

The new walk will be 10k and will start and finish at the Care Share Nursery, BGH, the same as the traditional walk.

The walk will take in some glorious scenery along paths and wooded areas, past Abbotsford, Lowood, back into Melrose.

And to make the walk poignant for supporters it will finish along the Field of Hope and back to the BGH.

Marie Curie Cancer Care are delighted to be working with John Henderson and Melrose Paths Group, to organise this new walk.

Anne Macintyre, who started the walk all those years ago, and who together with her husband Malcolm has taken part in the walk almost every year since, said: “I am absolutely delighted to hear that there are two options of Marie Curie Walks this year, both the traditional walk along the daffodils, and a new 10k walk, which I am already dusting down my boots in readiness for giving it a go!

“The beauty of the 10k walk is that it is a safe, scenic, low level route, which starts and ends at the Field of Hope, so that we can still enjoy the daffodils and still meet up with friends and other fellow walkers of previous years. It also offers us a little more of a challenge to encourage us to get fit and raise sponsorship.

“Every year, despite the weather, it amazes me the huge turnout of folks to walk the ‘Golden Mile’ of daffodils and it is heartening and so good to know that the Field of Hope, established 18 years ago, is still attracting new people and ideas to raise vital funds for the charity.

“I hold dear in my heart fond memories of planting daffodils, the many friends met, and fun along the way, and thank all the MCCC supporters who worked tirelessly to establish the Field of Hope and this annual event.”

For further details or to register go to or phone Maureen Stevenson on 01573 224440.