Sea search for surfer

St Abbs RNLI and Eyemouth Lifeboat
St Abbs RNLI and Eyemouth Lifeboat

Eyemouth and St Abbs lifeboats joined a multi-agency search on Sunday, August 23, after concern for the safety of a surfer.

The Aberdeen coastguard received a report on Sunday evening that a surfer at Coldingham Bay had not been seen exiting the water and there were concerns for their safety.

Eyemouth and St. Abbs lifeboats joined a SeaKing 131 from RAF Boulmer and Eyemouth Coastguard teams to carry out an extensive search of the immediate area.

All units searched for almost two hours, during which time the Coastguard teams were able to account for all vehicles and their owners parked at Coldingham beach and St Abbs. This information allowed Aberdeen Coastguard to stand all the search and rescue units down.

Afterwards, Ian Bourn posted on the St Abbs Lifeboat Station Facebook page: “Yet again,the Lifeboat that the RNLI doesn’t need is called out. Pagers at 18.15. Reports of a missing surfer off Coldingham sands in a very heavy swell.