Scottish Water price freeze

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Scottish Water have announced that their prices will remain frozen for the fourth year in a row.

The new prices come into force in April but customers will see no difference with properties in Band A once again paying an average of £262.38 a year while at the other end of the scale those in Band H can expect to pay an average of £787.14.

A Scottish Water spokesperson commented: “Water charges help to pay for the investment which is needed to ensure we continue to deliver clearer, fresher drinking water at its highest quality, protect the environment and continue to improve service to our customers.

“We are investing £2.5 billion in projects across Scotland to play our part in improving the quality of life villages, cities and the countryside.

“The fact that charges are being kept at the same level for the fourth year running is a tribute to the efforts of everyone who works at Scottish Water.”

The average household charge in Scotland will remain at £324 - the lowest in Great Britain, the average in England and Wales being £356.