Scottish Parliament told about Flodden

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The Scottish Parliament got a histroy lesson on James IV and the Battle of Flodden Field, during a parliamentary debate on the subject.

Christine Grahame, MidlothianSouth, Tweeddale and Lauderdale MSP, said of James IV: “He was also a political beast as monarchs were then and some would even say now with a small p.

“It is alleged that three artefacts – a sword, a dagger and turquoise ring - belonging to James were taken from that battlefield. These are currently held in the custody of Mr Cheeseman at the Richmond Herald College of Arms in London.

“I am grateful to Gary Stewart of the Society of William Wallace together with Dr Elspeth King of the Smith Art Gallery and Museum in Stirling who are negotiating the terms of loan of those artefacts to Scotland for possible display of them here and at the museum in the weeks at the end of August to October and I am hoping in the week of Flodden to be exhibited here in the public area.”