Scott will fly the flag at Duns Festival Week

2013 Duns Reiver
2013 Duns Reiver

A large crowd gathered in Duns Market Square on Friday night to welcome the 2013 Duns Summer Festival principals at their installation ceremony.

Summer Festival president Stuart Renton introduced the 2013 Reiver Scott Lackenby and Reiver’s Lass Iona Gibb. Attendants this year are right hand man Ross Foreman and right hand lass Lauren Burns. He then presented the Reiver and his Lass with their official sashes of office.

2013 Wynsome Maid

2013 Wynsome Maid

Scott (24) is an electrician who works with the Berwick based firm of C.F. Inkpen and Sons. He said: “It is a fantastic honour to be Reiver. After being right hand man last year I feel I am now ready to accept the position.

“I feel very proud and I will wear this sash with dignity and pride and hope to keep up the high standard which has been set before me. I am looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends and I hope we will have a Reiver’s Week to remember.”

Iona (21), works with the local firm of solicitors Melrose and Porteous and she too was an attendant last year.

Iona said: “I am now the fourth generation of my family to be involved in Reiver’s Week and it is a great honour to be chosen as Reiver’s Lass and I thank Duns Summer Festival committee for the opportunity.”

Right hand man Ross (25) runs his own joinery firm and is an international equestrian vaulter. Right hand Lass Lauren (22) comes from a family steeped in the Reiver’s Week traditions. Her father Andrew was Reiver in 1984 and her brother Richard was Reiver in 2010.

Outgoing Reiver and Reiver’s Lass Martin Aitchison and Claire Whellans were congratulated on the excellent job they had carried out as principals.

Martin said: “I would like to thank the committee, my Lass Claire, my attendants and the people of Duns for helping give me a year to remember. It was a great honour to represent Duns and I have memories that I will treasure for ever.

“I would like to wish both Scott and Iona all the very best for the coming year.”

Also wishing Scott and Iona all the best for the coming year, outgoing Reiver’s Lass Claire said: “I can’t believe my year in office is over but what a year it has been. There were many highlights - singing with Scocha, galloping up the Tolbooth in Selkirk and Scott Street in Gala and finishing fourth in the princpals’ race at Kelso, which was won by Braw Lad Ryan Mania who went on to win the Grand National.”

New Reiver Scott was then asked to pick names from a hat to select the Wynsome Mayde elect and her maids.

This year’s Wynsome Mayde, who will be crowned by Mrs Ann Affleck, is Lucy McPherson. Her maids of honour are Rachel Burns, Mel Thomson, Katie Liddell and Jamie Lindsay.

This year’s Reiver’s colours are gold and pearl grey.