Scotland’s marine atlas compiled

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An atlas of Scotland’s seas - with visual representation of its competing uses, productivity and health - has been compiled for the first time.

The Marine Atlas will help with planning decisions that impact Scottish waters and provides a detailed insight into the geography and vast richness of Scotland’s seas.

It has been developed by a wide range of partners and provides an unparalleled level of analysis of a country’s marine environment.

This unique resource is being made freely available online so that anyone with an interest in the varied waters around Scotland’s shores can find out more.

School packs have been developed, including two hard copies of the atlas for every secondary school, colourful posters and an accompanying DVD.

Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said:“Scotland’s seas are a precious resource that, as a nation, we must treasure. That’s why we have developed the Marine Atlas, a world-leading resource that draws together a vast array of information to enable an accurate picture to be built up of the complex interactions taking place, region by region, throughout Scottish waters.

“The Atlas explores marine life; the economic contributions of fishing, marine energy, telecommunications and leisure activities.