School zigzag lines to be made enforceable

CouncillorDonald Moffat
CouncillorDonald Moffat

Five primary schools in Berwickshire have zigzag lines on the roads outside them to dissuade parents from dropping off pupils there - but they are currently unenforceable.

A Traffic Regulation Order is currently going through a consultation process and if approved will mean that police will have the powers to take action against motorists parking on the zig zag lines outside Coldstream, Swinton, Eyemouth, Coldingham, and Cockburnspath primary schools.

Berwickshire Area Forum discussed the proposals when they met last week and there was unanimous agreement between SBC councillors and community councillors that the road orders should go ahead.

Quite why it has taken almost three years for a motion by an SBC councillor in 2010 for zig zag markings outside schools to now reach the stage of being made legally enforceable was unclear.

Councillor Donald Moffat, executive member for community safety said: “ This is quite straightforward.

“It’s formalising the situation so the police can do what they have to do.

“We need to put up a few signs to make it enforceable.”

To put up the signs and refresh the yellow zig zag road markings will cost a total of £2100.