SBC tactics questioned after path proposal

OPPOSITION to the ongoing development of the new Leet Haugh estate in Coldstream rumbles on, more than two years after the project was started.

The latest sticking point in the Leet Haugh plans is a proposed path from the new estate through a children’s play park, which is jointly owned by residents of the neighbouring Golf View estate.

One letter of objection predicted that “the proposal would encroach on their space and leave them vulnerable to large numbers of people who had access.”

In a statement added to the Golf View Residents Association’s newsletter, the GVRA accepted the legal process had won out, but vowed to continue showing unofficial opposition.

“The situation has now been taken out of our hands. The application will now go through the legal process, and, as such, the GVRA Committee can have no further direct involvement.

“We will, however, protest against what we see as a total disregard of the views of the majority of Golf View residents.”

The GVRA Committee made contact with Berwickshire MSP John Lamont, and have been told that a 70-vote protest by residents will be taken into consideration as their concerns are followed up.

“In view of the situation,” their statement continued, “we believe that any individuals who want to express their views should do so urgently. These may not be considered formally, but it would serve to show the strength of feeling among residents about SBC’s proposal.”

Ex-GVRA chairman, Dave Johnston, described SBC’s tactic of regarding the 137 resident-storing estate’s previous complaints as a single objection as “a totally underhand method of operation.”

Developers Hudson Hirsel are keen to point out that the path was requested by SBC, and that they are not involved in planning details at this time.