SBC refuses householder a bigger bin

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A Berwickshire householder who requested a larger wheelie bin to accommodate his family of four is not happy that it has been turned down.

The family of four - soon to be five - went through the usual procedure of applying for assessment to see if they could get a larger bin but were disappointed in the reply.

“The man from Scottish Borders Council came out for a so called assessment to see if we are entitled to a bigger waste bin and said we are not,” said the resident.

“He said he has four in his house and only needs it emptied once a month. This is silly; we get our general waste emptied every two weeks and we are still left with rubbish bags out in the back garden and it’s not just, it’s about 50 per cent of the street. This is a joke.

“We need help and the council is not willing to help. We have a medium bin for the four of us in the house, that isn’t enough room for all the rubbish, sooner or later the rubbish is going to cause rats.”

The council’s response is to give householders advice on recycling more of their rubbish.

A spokesperson for Scottish Borders Council said: “SBC takes every measure possible to assist householders in the effective management of their waste. Customer care is vital to us along with ensuring delivery of a cost-effective and efficient service whilst also complying with waste regulations and aiming towards higher recycling targets.

“There is a householder assessment procedure used when requests for larger bins are received.

“Recycling advice is offered to householders following a review of waste types and volumes produced as we aim to ensure that as much as possible is recycled and as little as possible disposed of at landfill.

“Larger bins are regularly made available to householders where required. We would urge any householder that does recycle everything they can but has a specific, on-going concern to contact us again.”