SBC is asking us all to do our bit to keep the Borders thriving

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Everyone in the Borders is being asked to play their part in ensuring council services can be maintained.

Scottish Borders Council has launched a #yourpart campaign and its ‘Our Plan and Your Part in it’ document outlines the council’s plans for the next five years and gives a range of examples of what it needs from individuals, families, businesses, and communities.

The council is promising to think and act differently to reduce costs and maintain high quality services but in return people and communities need to play their part.

SBC’s chief executive Tracey Logan said: “In addition to doing what you should already, as responsible citizens, be doing like picking up after your dog, recycling properly and making sure your child attends school ready to learn - we are also asking people to do things like use online services wherever possible, check on elderly neighbours, join local Resilient Communities groups or go along to area partnership meetings to get involved in local planning.

“Every little thing you can do to play your part will contribute to ensuring the Borders remains a great place to live, work and visit.

“We continue to be very ambitious, we are absolutely committed to ensuring our services continue to have a positive effect on lives, livelihoods, well-being and whole communities. However the only way we can do that is for individuals, families and communities to take an active role and to ‘play their part’.”