SBC to install new lifesaving equipment on Eyemouth’s Bantry

AT a meeting last week it was confirmed that risk assessments have now been carried out on Eyemouth beach and Scottish Borders Council are to install new lifesaving equipment along the Bantry.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 13th September 2012, 7:25 am

Representatives from a number of organisations gathered in the town to address the issue of water safety which has come to the fore following the events of June 4 where 14 year old Katie MacLean had to be rescued from the sea.

The working group concerned with safety on the beach and along the Bantry includes members of Eyemouth Town Community Council, SBC’s emergency planning department as well as SBC Local, the town’s Chamber of Trade, First Responders, the RNLI’s divisional sea safety manager and Brian Judd, the man responsible for spearheading a campaign to get more lifebelts put up in the vicinity of the beach.

Those present at the meeting at The Contented Sole on Wednesday, September 5, were told that these rings, funded and installed by local residents, would need to be replaced with new belts which SBC will put up in the coming weeks.

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A spokesperson for the council commented: “A meeting was held with representatives from Eyemouth last week regarding water safety for the beach and the Bantry area.

“This meeting was very constructive and discussion was held regarding the eight proposals put forward by Scottish Borders Council. These were agreed, with a minor caveat being made to one proposal.

“A further meeting will be held in early October where updates will be given on the progress of the proposals.

“Regarding lifesaving equipment, SBC has carried out a risk assessment and has to ensure that any safety equipment procured complies with the current EU regulations.

“The council will ask the Eyemouth Beach Trust to remove the equipment they put up once the new equipment in installed. SBC will be responsible for the maintenance and regular checking of the equipment thereafter.

“We are working with Eyemouth Town Community Council and Eyemouth High School to implement a Resilient Communities Plan for the Eyemouth area.

“Anyone wanting to find out more information or get involved should email [email protected]