SBC highlight dangers of tablets

The Safer Communities team at Scottish Borders Council has been encouraged by RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) to raise concerns about toddlers eating detergent tablets.

There have been a number of serious illnesses in toddlers as a result of the ingestion of liquitabs. Detergent liquitabs, commonly used in dishwashers or washing machines, attract young children due to their bright colouring and soft texture.

The ingestion of liquitabs can result in serious life threatening injury. Liquitabs contain strong alkali, which if ingested can result in swelling of the toddler’s airway. Treatment can involve airway intubation or tracheostomy, a prolonged hospital stay and further surgery.

A spokersperson for RoSPA said: “Toddlers are mobile, inquisitive and commonly place objects in their mouths. Most liquitab brands don’t come packaged in child proof containers which makes access to them easier if they are within reach and sight of young children or toddlers. “Most parents will not be aware of the danger of liquitabs, so we are asking everyone who has contact with young children to be aware of the dangers.

“We would advise parents and carers to ensure Liquitab products are stored safely at all times, out of reach and sight of young children.”