SBC gets unsought view on Coldingham wind farm plans

Wind farm developers Livos Energy’s request for the council’s views on plans for an eight turbine wind farm is not open for public comment, but that isn’t stopping opponents.

An application has gone in to Scottish Borders Council for a scoping opinion but there is no public consultation at this stage of the plans.

George Marshall, who lives close to Drone Hill wind farm at Coldingham Moor, however, has plenty to say and has contacted Scottish Borders Council anyway.

“I am aware that you do not take objections to scoping applications,” he said, “however I consider that it is only correct that in your/SBC response to the scoping application that you say that the SBC planning committee at its meeting of last March (2014) said the Coldingham Moor/Drone Hill area had reached saturation point for wind turbines and as a result no more turbines will be permitted in that area, therefore the application for scoping is a waste of time and money and it should be withdrawn.

“This was a unanimous planning committee decision and as such the applicant must be told not to waste any more effort or expense on this fruitless application.”