SBC employees’ ideas are going to waste

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The Borders Party has appealed for Scottish Borders Council to make best use of employees’ ideas.

Borders Party councillors Nicholas Watson and Sandy Aitchison claim that good ideas are going to waste because there is no proper system for evaluating new ideas put forward by members of staff.

“Ever since being elected Sandy and I have been impressed by the quality and dedication of members of staff. It’s no surprise that many of them have ideas about how things could be done better, or in some cases not done at all,” Councillor Watson said.

“Employees could play a big role in this. But although an idea can be passed to a line manager, in many cases this will not work, either because of office politics or the idea may not be relevant to that particular section of the council.”

Councillor Aitchison added, “At minimal cost a small panel could assess ideas, passing them to managers or to councillors as necessary. Savings could be made and services improved when good ideas are implemented, and it’s really important that staff should feel listened to as well. We’re not just talking about management here; often those who are on the front line are best placed to see how even small changes could make a big difference.”

Councillor Watson formally asked that proposals for considering staff ideas should be presented to the Scrutiny Panel.

He said: “That must be well over a year ago now – it’s not good enough. The Borders Party is about making the best of what we already have. Failing to make best use of staff ideas is wasteful and bad for morale.”

Councillor Watson also appealed for employees to engage directly. He added: “It’s easy for councillors to get a bit detached, so Sandy and I are always happy to hear from those who work at the sharp end of providing council services.”