SBC counts cost of pothole damage

TWO severe winters in succession have taken their toll on the region’s roads and as well as a repair bill of £8 million the damage caused to vehicles by potholes has seen Scottish Borders Council pay out over £14,000 in compensation since 2007.

Across Scotland payouts to drivers for vehicle damage caused by potholes have cost local authorities more than £1.7 million - statistics, which cover the last five years, revealed by the Scottish Conservatives following a Freedom of Information request.

The data shows that Scottish local authorities paid out a total of £1,738,966 in compensation for pothole damage between 2006/07 and 2010/11. Glasgow City Council topped the list with payouts amounting to £355,530, the amount it has paid hitting a high of more than £197,000 in 2010/11.

A spokeswoman for Transport Scotland said: “Local authorities are responsible for local roads in Scotland.

“Our routine and winter budget for next year is £68.5 million - an 11% increase on the previous year, which will help improve winter maintenance of the network.

“We will continue to maintain and safely operate our trunk roads and motorways with an extensive programme of works, investing a total of £700 million over the spending review period.”

Last winter the Scottish government announced an extra £15 million for local councils to cover the impact of winter conditions on the country’s roads, and carried out a £2 million blitz on potholes on major routes including the A1 in Berwickshire.

Following the 2010-11 winter Scottish Borders Council estimated that the repair bill to the region’s roads would be £8 million, despite them spending £275,000 on temporary repairs during the winter.