SBC convener’s new appointment

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Scottish Borders Council’s convener, Councillor Graham Garvie has been appointed president of the re-launched Scottish Provosts Association.

Councillor Graham Garvie said: “Everybody knows that councils deliver key services in their communities but often the vital role of the civic head as a community ambassador in these same communities can be somewhat overlooked, and it is primarily for this reason that the Scottish Provosts Association is being re-created.

“Scotland has a very long tradition of local civic government and the value of a non-party-political Association of Provosts as a defender of the institution of local government and the idea of local democracy cannot be under-estimated.”

Key roles for the association are: to promote the image and dignity of Scottish local authorities; to advance the wellbeing of Scottish local democracy and the people of Scotland; to provide a forum for civic heads to pool their experiences; to facilitate training for and assist civic heads in their apolitical role and in particular to promote understanding of the differences in the respective roles of civic head and the council leader and other council political appointees; to collaborate with the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, the Scottish Government and other public and private bodies to promote and enhance the status of Local Government.

The association’s membership is open to civic heads from all of Scotland’s 32 councils and their deputes.

It offers support, training, development and advice and aims to ensure that local authorities remain relevant to local people so they engage in the local government election process.