Same sex weddings consultation

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SIR, - My attention has been drawn to the following request printed on the order of service sheet at Duns Parish Church on Sunday, November 6, and headed “Urgent”.

I quote, “The Scottish Government’s consultation on same-sex marriages and registration of civil partnerships through religious ceremonies runs until December 9, 2011.

It is important for Christian people to take this opportunity to make their views known to the Government. This can be done on-line,; by mail to Sandra Jack, 2W St Andrews House, Edinburgh EH1 3DG, or by telephone on 0131 2442025. The Christian charity, Care for Scotland has issued a briefing on this consultation which can be obtained from CARE at 0141 332 7212 or by email to”

From speaking to others on this subject, I realise just how many of us are unaware that such a consultation is in progress.

Since the government’s final decision could have repercussions across Scotland it is important that all those with concern over possible changes in the law do at least know that the opportunity to be part of this consultation is for everyone and must be completed by December 9.


Fairwinds, Allanton.