Salmon fishers warned of red vent syndrome

SBBN July 2015 red vent syndrome salmon
SBBN July 2015 red vent syndrome salmon

Tweed anglers have been warned to be wary of eating salmon that may suffer from parasites that can cause health problems if ingested.

Red vent syndrome (or anisakis) has already been noted on the river this season, including four salmon caught in the nets at Paxton where the Tweed Foundation was carrying out its research tagging at the fishery.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued guidance for people who may want to eat their own catch.

The advice is to check the fish for signs of disease, which with red vent means red, bloody patches on the skin.

Cooking at 70 Degrees C for two minutes shouold be enough to kill any parasitic contamination present.

For further guidance, contact Michael Talbot on 0207 276 8991 or email