Salaries of SBC’s top officers

Scottish Borders Council headquarters in Newtown St Boswells.
Scottish Borders Council headquarters in Newtown St Boswells.

The pay of Scottish Borders Council’s six top executives adds up to more than £500,000, with council chief executive Tracey Logan paid £120,878 in 2017/18.

The local authority’s next highest paid employee it the SB Cares’ managing director, who was paid £106,906, while the council’s services director received remuneration of £87,849.

The local authority’s service director for children and young people, who has since moved to Highland Council to become a chief executive, was paid £87,849, the chief financial officer was paid £87,140 and Scottish Borders Council’s service director of assets and infrastructure, was paid £84,825 for his services.

However, the chief executive and other directors agreed to a voluntary pay freeze in 2014 in order to help with council cutbacks.

The figures have been released by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, a right wing pressure group that campaigns for a low tax society, as part of its annual townhall rich list.

A Scottish Borders Council spokesperson pointed out that its chief executive’s salary is lower than the majority of other local authority chief executives in Scotland and said: “The council has reduced the number of officers paid salaries of over £100,000 in recent years, from four in 2011/12 to the current number of two.

“Salary levels at the council are set by reference to national agreements and reflect the scale and responsibility associated with the management of a complex public sector organisation with gross annual turnover of £300m.”