Safe T first at Eyemouth High School

Safe T first roadshow at Eyemouth High School
Safe T first roadshow at Eyemouth High School

EYEMOUTH High’s S5 pupils, with the help of pupils in S6, participated in a Safe T Roadshow at the school recently.

Scottish Borders Council Safer Communities put on the day for pupils which saw Eyemouth High hosting the first ever travelling show.

The aims of the day were to educate and prepare pupils for leaving school; informing pupils about potential dangers and obstacles they could face once they leave school and how to cope with these difficulties.

The pupils participated in a variety of workshops and were given information from different community groups such as Citizen’s Advice, road safety, stress management, healthy eating, fire safety and drugs and alcohol awareness.

Ultimately, at the end of the day and after travelling around the different workshops, pupils felt more informed on how to make educated decisions on their own.

The day was organised by Paul Richardson from the council but the task of making sure the day ran smoothly fell to Deputy Head Girl Jessica Black and Deputy Head Boy, Stephen Scurr.

Jessica commented: “You don’t really know how to deal with real life issues when you are in school so by going to all of these workshops allows pupils to know how to survive and where to go for help when they leave school.

Mrs Black, School Safe T co-ordinator said “I am so very very proud of all of our pupils for working so hard to make this event a successful one. The Deputy Head Boy and Girl were excellent in ensuring the day went without a hitch.”