Saddle up for new cycle track at Dunbar

Plans to build a cycle training area in Lochend Woods at Dunbar have been unveiled.

Dunbar Community Woodland Group and Dunbar Cycling Group have joined together to progress proposals for a small loop of track, known as a pump track, to be created.

This increases overall fitness by requiring the rider to pull with their arms as well as pedalling.

The groups have received funding from Viridor credits to employ East Linton company Treelines to lay the track, which will weave amongst the established trees in an area of around 20m x 30m.

The route will have high points of no more than 1.5 metres, and will be surfaced in whindust, the same as the existing paths.

Local volunteers are taking a keen interest in designing and maintaining the track, and Sustaining Dunbar has been helping with the funding application and public consultation.

Dunbar Cycling Group has been looking for a suitable location for a pump track for younger families for some time, as with the opening of the outdoor sports facility at Foxlake near Dunbar, local interest in these pursuits is growing.

Chairman Katy Carrick-Anderson said: “We are excited by Foxlake’s proposals and hope that this community pump track in the woods will be the ideal complement, giving Hallhill cyclists the chance to hone their skills close to home before moving on to the bigger facilities on the edge of town.”

Liaison officer Isobel Knox added: “Dunbar Community Woodland Group has a responsibility as a community wood to improve recreational facilities within the woods.

“This woodland is a natural haven which is thriving in the middle of an urban area, and though it is difficult to balance the needs of all users - commuters, dog walkers, young families, cyclists, nature-lovers - we believe that sport cyclists would benefit from a small dedicated area.”

As a result of the consultation, which saw leaflets distributed to families with children at the local schools and more than 1000 were delivered to houses in the immediate vicinity of the woods, it is now proposed that the pump track will be sited in an area to the west of Kellie Road, south of the Learning Woods area which has recently been planted, and accessed from Kellie Road.