Sacked Coldstreamer blames his father for robbing him of position

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former 2011 Coldstreamer Steven Bell is devastated that not only has he been stripped of his position by the Presenting Coldstream Association committee, but also that he won’t have the chance to be an ex-Coldstreamer.

Every year Ex-Coldstreamers proudly march into Henderson Park for the sashing ceremony at the commencement of Coldstream Civic Week as their names are read out and the year that they were Coldstreamer. But the 2011 Coldstreamer will not raise a mention in future years.

Both Steven and his father James, an Ex-Coldstreamer and chairman of the Presenting Coldstream committee until recently, were involved in an incident after the Riding of the Edinburgh Marches held in September, and it was James who reported his son to the committee for misconduct.

Speaking about the incident that led to him being sacked from the role of Coldstreamer 2011, Steven said: “The whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

“Basically my father has done this to me.

“I know people want to know the whole story.

“At the meeting they decided it had nothing to do with them and my father wasn’t happy.

“It was a family matter but when the committee decided it was finished with and my father’s resignation was accepted he wasn’t happy and he put in a formal complaint.

“I don’t even get the chance to be an ex-Coldstreamer. They have made the decision about it.

“It’s not been fair on my behalf - I feel I have been robbed of my position because of something private.

“The whole thing is awful - I’ve let everyone down and let myself down.

“You do two years, it’s a big thing in your life and it’s been taken away from me.”