Rusty Bodkin takes aim with bow and arrow

Rusty Bodkins
Rusty Bodkins

If you fancy spending the day as a 16th century archer and re-enacting what happened on Flodden Field in 1513 then Rusty Bodkins is your man!

Rusty is bringing Flodden to life in ‘The Lion and the Arrow’ with shooting demonstrations and archery tutorials for enthralled audiences.

Heatherslaw Mill, a restored cotton mill on the River Till will be brought to life with medieval archery demonstrations on Saturday, June 29 and Monday, July 22.

Rusty, otherwise known as local archery expert Graham Hamilton will lead visitors in the retelling of history, and for the princely sum of £2 they can become an archer of the Stanley retinue; English archers who fought at the Battle of Flodden.

Graham works with Historic Scotland, Bamburgh Castle, and Ford and Etal estates, and this is his second year at Heatherslaw mill, where, dressed in the regalia of an archer of the Stanley retinue, he imparts fascinating knowledge on medieval weaponry and treats audiences to a display of archery expertise, with a replica war bow.

Graham explains: “I present myself as a 21st century person, and these archery projects are the result of a long held ambition to explore a small part of a colourful and significant period of British and Scottish history”.