Royal Mail pulling out all the stops with Christmas deliveries

John Lamont
John Lamont

Royal Mail’s announcement that additional measures will be put in place to tackle the impact of severe weather on deliveries in badly hit areas has been welcomed by Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP John Lamont.

Mr Lamont said:“With the heavy snowfall coming at the Royal Mail’s busiest time of year, this announcement will help ensure that deliveries carry on as smoothly as possible.

“Our local postmen and women have to put in a huge amount of extra effort to deliver our mail in weather like we have had recently and with the sheer volume of mail at this time of year, they have all been working extremely hard.

“Regular deliveries of mail are often a lifeline, particularly for those in rural areas or those who have difficulty in getting out.

“However, local businesses also rely on an efficient postal system to ensure they can continue to operate.

“This is particularly true at this time of year with the large number of Christmas orders.

Mark Higson, managing director, Royal Mail, said, “We are pulling out all the stops to deliver this Christmas.

“The worst December weather the UK has seen in almost 30 years has had an impact on our services to some parts of the country.

“With this additional £20m investment, we are committed to ensure we deliver letters and packets as quickly as possible.

“Our people are doing a great job in very challenging conditions. I would like to thank them for their tremendous efforts to ensure we continue to deliver right up until Christmas Eve.”