Rotary support for Aquabox

A charity that provides water purification filters and other humanitarian aid when catastrophe strikes a community is supported by Rotary Club of Eyemouth.

Sunday, 30th December 2018, 12:39 pm
Eyemouth Rotarians show the contents of an Aquabox Gold and demonstrate the Aquafilter Family unit, at Eyemouth Co-op

Aquabox has been on the ground this year in SW Cameroon, where villages were burned down by the military under the control of the government, in the Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Omphong, and in Indonesia following a massive earthquake and tsunami.

The volunteer charity is supported by Rotary and as an Aquabox ambassador, Jim Hettrick of Rotary Club of Eyemouth explained: “The role of the Aquabox ambassador is to go out to other organisations to promote the charity. So I can take an Aquabox, run a presentation and demonstrate one of the key pieces of equipment, the Aquabox family pump water filtration unit that turns available water into potable (drinking) water.”

Roz Adamson of Aquabos said: “Aquabox supplied water purification filters and other items of humanitarian aid, all of which was distributed by our long-standing partners on the ground - Rotary International, in particular, was well placed for accurate assessment of need.

“The water filters despatched in two months have the capacity to provide drinking water to over 35,000 people and can function for several years.

“Without clean drinking water, people suffer from debilitating diseases which significantly impacts on their ability to rebuild and regenerate their communities and local economies.