Rotarians briefed on Cash for Kids scheme

Karen Nairn with Bob Tait
Karen Nairn with Bob Tait
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Karen Nairn of Radio Borders has been in Duns to tell members of the local rotary club about Radio Borders’ ‘Cash for Kids’ scheme.

It was a timely reminder, just before Christmas, that there are kids in our own community who don’t have very much to look forward to, and Radio Borders has this great scheme to raise money from those who have, for the benefit of those who don’t, right here in the Borders.

With 33 per cent of us listening to Radio Borders every day, it has the highest market coverage of any radio station in the UK, an ideal situation to do valuable local charity work.

Rotarians heard how ‘Cash for Kids’ aims to raise money throughout the year with events like car boot sales, sponsored participants in national events like the Great North Run or the Glasgow Marathon, coffee mornings, dressing down days at work and, of course, through the annual ‘Cash for Kids’ Day in March. Karen told Rotarians how incredibly generous Borders people are, despite our current financial strains.

‘Cash for Kids’ makes grants to kids who deserve some help. Anyone under 18 living in the Borders or north Northumberland is eligible and it can be for almost anything, subject to the approval of the ‘Cash for Kids’ Board, with advice from relevant professionals.

Recently they have bought a laptop for a wheelchair-bound teenager, funded a local competitor’s costs in getting to the final of a national competition in Aberdeen and upgraded the kid’s waiting area at the BGH A&E. They will keep looking after it so it stays smart and friendly.

‘Cash for Kids’ most recent appeal has involved running a Christmas Toy Appeal, asking listeners to add one extra present to their Christmas shopping list, so that it can be given to a boy or girl who would otherwise get nothing at Christmas. Karen told Rotarians that ‘Cash for Kids’ had big plans for 2013 and would like to work alongside all the Rotary clubs in the Borders raising funds to support youngsters right here in the Borders and north Northumberland.

She reports on the radio every Monday morning at 11.30am, telling everyone what’s been going on and what’s coming up.