Role split is a community council first for Eyemouth

Barbara Prater (Chair of Eyemouth Town and Community Council) and Jemma Landels (Honorary Provost of ETCC)
Barbara Prater (Chair of Eyemouth Town and Community Council) and Jemma Landels (Honorary Provost of ETCC)
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At a meeting last week Eyemouth Town Community Council decided to make the unprecedented decision to split the role of its chair and Honorary Provost of the town.

Until May, both roles were filled by Jo Pawley and previously by Douglas Younger but on Jo standing down due to family commitments, discussions were had on how to fill the vacancy.

The result is that the new chair of the community council is Barbara Prater while the role of Honorary Provost is now filled by Jemma Landels, a familiar face to many during last week’s Herring Queen.

Barbara steps up from her position as vice-chair to be at the helm and was looking forward to her time in office, having fallen in love with Eyemouth after stumbling on it ‘by accident’.

“The reason why I joined the community council in the first instance was to give something back to Eyemouth ,” she explained

“The first time I visited the town was on a walking holiday with my husband.

“We were so taken by it that we put our houses on the market; got married down south and then moved up.”

Barbara said her main goal as chairman was to do her bit to maintain the community spirit the town has.

“There is so much going on in Eyemouth and the community council is at the heart of that.

“You just have to go back to last year and the £20,000 we raised for the Christmas lights. It shows what can happen when people pull together.”

Barbara said there was no better candidate for the role of provost than Jemma, emphasised by the fact she couldn’t attend last week’s meeting because she was tied up with Herring Queen duties.

And the lady herself said the festival showed just what was possible when the town pulled together.

“I’ve lived in Eyemouth my whole life; I know everybody I like to talk to folk and I’m not afraid of a challenge ,”she commented.

“We were bowled over by the response to this year’s Herring Queen and I want to encourage people to take pride in Eyemouth and work together so we can achieve even more.

“I feel privileged to be on the community council and like the way it’s moving the town forward.”