Ring lost and then found on big day

Rebecca and Stuart who were married at Berwick Holiday Park recently - the place they met as children.
Rebecca and Stuart who were married at Berwick Holiday Park recently - the place they met as children.

Berwick is often said to bridge the gap between England and Scotland – so it was a fitting place for the marriage of childhood sweethearts Stuart Ambler and Rebecca Carver. Even if the groom’s ring went missing.

The couple met at Berwick Holiday Centre caravan park when they were in their early teens, and kept in touch when they were back home – Stuart in Glasgow and Rebecca in Newcastle.

Both the Amblers and the Carvers own caravans on the site, and Stuart and Rebecca were reunited every summer during their family holidays.

They got engaged seven years ago, and were recently in the town where they met.

The theme of the wedding brought Scotland and England together, with roses and thistles intertwined into the decorations throughout the day.

The ceremony took place at Marshall Meadows country house hotel, and the bridal party travelled there from the Berwick Holiday Centre, where the management donated Rebecca and her bridesmaids the use of their owners lounge to get ready in.

Heather Ambler, mother of the groom, said Berwick had done the couple proud, as the wedding went almost without a hitch.

“It was great,” she said. “There was just one small problem when the best man had to produce the rings during the ceremony. Earlier he had picked up the two ring boxes and opened one to find out which one was the bride’s. The first one that he opened was hers so he put it on top of the other one in his pocket, knowing he would be asked for hers first.”

Everything went smoothly until the best man was asked for the groom’s ring.

Heather explained: “On opening the box he was shocked to say the least to find it was empty! He even closed the box and opened it again hoping the ring would appear, but of course it didn’t. There was a stunned silence during which time I grabbed my husband’s ring off him and promptly handed it to the bride.

“It was actually quite a nice touch that Stuart was married with his father’s ring!”

The missing ring had been left at the caravan site, because, unbeknown to the best man, there were three ring boxes in the bag – one had been for Rebecca’s engagement ring that she had had cleaned especially for the day.

“Sue, the caravan site manager, was very helpful yet again by retrieving the ring and sending it via the site’s security staff to the Marshal Meadows hotel where it found it’s way swiftly to the grooms finger during their photo shoot!” Heather said.

She added: “Both families of the bride and groom would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Sue and all her staff from Berwick holiday centre for going that extra mile to make the day so special.

“We would also like to thank David Hester and staff from Marshall Meadows Country House who were excellent in every way in pulling the day together and making it a superb celebration.”