Richard is new world champion

Richard Adams after completing the Great North Swim
Richard Adams after completing the Great North Swim

Berwickshire has a new sporting world champion in the form of Chirnside’s Richard Adams.

Richard will return this week with three medals from the World Transplant Games in Buenos Aires - a hat-trick of gold, silver and bronze.

Swimmer Richard was crowned world champion in his 60-70 age group’s 50m breaststroke, and also medalled in the 100m breaststroke and 100m freestyle.

Richard underwent a bone marrow transplant, and said that without this life-enhancing operation he would not have been able to compete.

As it was, his championships were difficult enough, after he injured his leg in a fall.

His wife Jacqui, who has been keeping up with the games via Skype and Facebook, said that the injury may even prevent Richard from returning to his training regime of swimming on a Tuesday morning, even though he is only due back home on Monday evening!

“i think that might be swimming put for a bit,” she said, “especially sea swimming, because it’s getting cold and he is struggling to get his wetsuit on over the bruising on his leg.

“To be honest, we worried that the bruising might even prevent him from being able to compete, it was that bad.”

Richard arrived in Argentina with a hope that he might be able to win a bronze medal, and Jacqui says that they are “just stunned, still” that he managed to claim two more medals and a world title.