Review overturns planning decisions

Three planning applications initially turned down by Scottish Borders Council’s planning officials using delegated powers, have all been given the go ahead following a review.

Applicants who had requested planning permission to build two houses with integral garages on land south west of Blackhouse Farm Cottages, Reston, can now go ahead after members of Scottish Borders Council’s planning review overturned the decision of the appointed officer. The objections had been that the house would be contrary to planning policies about new housing the countryside and no economic or operational reasons had been given for needing the house to be built on that site on the farm.

Likewise the planning officer’s decision to turn down a request for conditions attached to Kinegar House, Cockburnspath, be removed, were also rejected by councillors on the review panel.

The applicant was seeking permission for the house to be occupied other than in connection with the nearby quarry. Planning officers concluded that the close proximity of the house to the quarry site and the sharing of the commercial quarry access would be “unsuitable for occupation as a non-tied dwelling because there would be a conflict between the site operations and the future occupiers of the house.