Retained firefighters still waiting for pension scheme

Scottish Ministers have been criticised for failing to implement pension rights for retained firefighters, such as those based at Coldstream, Duns and Eyemouth.

The Fire Brigades Union fought for, and five years ago won, a long and protracted eight year legal battle that meant part-time (retained) firefighters could retrospectively access a firefighter pension scheme with benefits that brought them on a par with those of full-timers.

Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary said: “It is appalling that retained firefighters are still waiting for their pension rights five years after winning the legal battle.

“It’s incredible that the Scottish government can find time and resources to attack firefighters’ pension benefits and increase our contributions, but when it comes to introducing a scheme for our members and complying with the ruling they have completely failed.

“ It is an insulting betrayal of retained firefighters.

“The Department for Communities and Local Government in England is dragging its feet and administrations in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are doing nothing about it either.

“We are demanding ministers get off their backsides and make sure retained firefighters are treated with the professionalism and respect they deserve.”